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QUOTE (thetriangman @ 6 Jul 2007, 05:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I was suprised the motor is already proving hard to get hold of, just had to order one for a guy who had run his new M7 until the motor brushes had worn out. All my usual suppliers etc, have a waiting list for the motor. One is on order from Hornby but it could be a while.

I am very happy with myHornby M7 SR livery.Don't run it enough to have brush problems.

At least Hornby instals FIVE pole motors unlike Bachmann and their THREE pole motors.
Nobody will ever convince me that three poles are better than five.Although half a loaf is better than none.

Always have trouble starting my Bachmann Jinty from stop without a jerk as it takes a bit of power to overcome the inertia of three poles.Slow running is fine once it gets going.

Now as for the Hornby M7 it runs perfectly from stop and has great slow running.Absolutely no complaints.

I am hoping to get a Hornby M7 motor to retrofit the Bachmann Jinty [ MR maroon edition] and now by what people say I am going to have a problem finding a spare to do the job.

I live in hopes.Spare part aquisition in the Colonies always a problem.


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