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Hornby Club Model for 2006

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Does anyone know what the Hornby club model is going to be in 2006 ??
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Suspect it'll be an 0-4-0 or a Class 06 shunter of some descrption ...
Just found out that is going to be a 040 "Princess "Elisabeth" Steam loco.

So, has anyone got theirs yet, and are there any piccy's going ??
Groooan can't we have something different for a change a L&Y pug or "smokey joe". Whatever it is i'm sure there'lll be loads up for graks on ebay soon enough.
All i can say is when are they going to do a Diesel again as the free loco?
I am disappointed with Hornby. What can I use this Pug for. Just cause it's named after the Queen (Though I am an ardent monarchist) doesn't mean I have a use for it. Shunting an M&S 2003 Royal Train set (Or Hornby 2004 pack)? At least with the others I could do something (E.g. green Cl. 06)

So. On to 2007. What do we want as club model?
Perhaps instead of the regular 0-4-0 model(steam or diesel) they offered the equivalent in a 3 pack of PO wagons or such-like. Some of their 3 packs of wagons sell for less than the 0-4-0s' .
I know some will say they won't fit in with the era they are modelling but I suppose neither does the present offerings
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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