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QUOTE (john woodall @ 28 Jan 2009, 03:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Its is interesting that people see the GBP100 as a make or break point in terms of whether to buy a locomotive or not. The question as to whether it makes a good investment is for others to decide.

Personally I buy the trains that I like and can afford. The price (to a certain extent) is irrelevant. I am not buying them in the hope that when they are sold, I will make a profit on them, I am buying them to play with.

We have recently gone through a fairly benign economic environment where because of exchange rates things were relatively cheap. Potentially we bought an excessive amount which we didn't consider it to be because of this supposedly cheap environment and now we look back less than 6 months and go its got very expensive recently.

The great thing about this hobby is that we don't need to buy anything. Generally speaking we have a lot of stuff, and economic times like this enable us to play, build and enjoy rather than enriching our collection.

Now imagine if Hornby rather than paying out cash dividends gave out vouchers to obtain Hornby product. Would this make you buy their shares?

Quite agree. Through the last 5-6 years since returning to the hobby I have spent thousands of pounds on buying steam locos and rolling stock and now sold it all off, all at a loss.
What I am left with now is a fleet of EWS locos and rolling stock, enough for a 5 road layout 25 x 16 foot. I dont have the layout though but our club does lol.
I now count myself fortunate that there is very little that comes out each year that I say i must have. The only thing on the hornby shopping list is sound chipped class 6 x 4 if they are good (keeping 2 locos + 4 chips selling off other two locos) and a daffodil pullman bar.
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