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Other forums carry similar threads to this, it all makes interesting reading and I am repeatedly amazed at the stances taken by some forum members.
Things may be different down here in the sunny south but I have yet to be manhandled into a model shop and forced to purchase an item. Some modellers seem to take the view that if there is a particular model released that they would like or which fills a gap in their layout/collection they have a right to buy that at a price they think is reasonable. Why would this be? I would like a Bentley, I do not berate Bentley for charging more than I can afford for one of their cars. There are Brawa and Trix models I would like that would go well with some I already have, they are expensive compared with British outline so at present I will not be adding to that part of my collection. But I don`t criticise these manufacturers because I don`t have to buy the stuff, it`s nice to have rather than must have. I have no fundemental right to buy a model locomotive.

If Hornby and others get it wrong they will go bust, as far as I am aware there is no supreme law that says we have to have model railway manufacturers operating for the benefit of the hobby.

1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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