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QUOTE (Doug @ 27 Jan 2009, 09:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Like it says at the top, Hornby are focusing on maximising revenues now - A bit of a rough statement for the customer in these times, One wonders is consolidation and redress is a better option.

Do they have a long term goal? Does that goal favour shareholders or customers...?

Do we just accept these price rises?

I think its a problem we as consumers will face in more and more markets as time goes on.
Canon are doing a similar thing with their higher end cameras, so much so that they have, it seems, almost deliberately delayed further imports until the official price rises hit on Feb 1st , with a consequence that you cannot purchase a large proportion of SLR lenses in this country at the moment, even if you wanted to beat the impending announced price rises.

The problem is we have gone from 200 yen to the pound down to 120 , and a similar story in both Dollars and Chinese Yuan.

Now, Hornby may be seen as somewhat mercenary to openly admit to a strategy of maximising revenue, but when they are open to such drastic funding swings, which could in effect see their investment value halved during the course of bringing a model to market, then it is prudent, if not exactly thrilling to us, the end users.

My guess would be its temporary.

Simply because this recession has yet to bite really hard, 12 months further along, when sales have really fallen and the job losses are mounting, you will find most companies desperate to keep some cashflow, and the price cuts will begin.

Not a pretty prospect if you look at the grand scheme, but for modelling as a specific subject, I would personally simply wait to make too many larger value purchases for a while.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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