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QUOTE (rossi @ 27 Jan 2009, 21:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Its amazing, Fender Guitars have also increased prices heavily .Although I am not in the market at present as I own a nice Telecaster,it seems incredible that companies raise their price .It makes me wonder that if now no-one can borrow any money,companies are having to actually set some realistic prices to get a return ,They may well be gambling that those who really want their products will still pay good money for them while those who just cannot afford them at any price wont bother anyway .It seems the only logic to it all . Model railways used to be expensive toys that many could not afford .It may well get back to that again .
Fortunately I still have my 79 Strat and have looked after it.

There are usually a few items I just have to have and some that would be nice to get. I think ourageous prices will knock out those might have got purchases.

The same price increases are also going on with Continental outline so it does seem to be across the board.

There is only so much money you will pay before you start to seriously question the validity of the price. I have hit that point and now have a lengthy think before making a purchase.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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