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I'm in agreeance with NickB on this issue. I've been running with the Elite for what must be heading on for 2 years now i suppose. It runs all decoders I've come across without any problems, I've used it to run my local clubs large layout with 6 trains running simultaneously for up to 6 hours at a time without fault so I'm a little miffed at the I'll feeling & some misinformation that's been thrown around about the unit. I've currently got Firmware 1.2 installed & upgrading via the PC is very simple & free (at this stage).
You really just need to think about what you want from the system, trains with sound decoders etc, you may find the elite a little clumsy, just want to run trains, it's as good as any in its class/price, plus you can have two loco's dialed up at once, no need to toggle through addresses or recall. If you want a hand held then I guess the NCE is the way to go in the same price bracket.
Like Nick says..beware of some of the postings as they seem to be peddling some kind of agenda. A friend of mine has a Digitrax Empire Builder & that really is better & more powerful but at a different price point too... you pay your money and take your choice, but I think the Elite is a good unit & the price is fair for the features it has.

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