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I personally dont like anything to do with dcc and hornby. All there older chips were rubbish nothing worked properly and they just dont match up to other systems out there. Saying that they have released new stuff recently but im waiting to find out what sort of response we get in the shop ----- etc people returning chips all the time like the older hornby chips!!

I use Gaugemaster Prodigy two witch is a brilliant handset and does everything and bachmann chips. There is also the dynamis from bachmann witch is good and cheap but the wireless system is a bit rubbish. a lot of people use lenz systems and these are all very good.

So personally i would recommend using Gaugemaster prodigy anf Bachmann or gaugemaster chips , the prodigy also works amasingly with sound !!!!

Hope this helps and other people add some more for you to make your mind up!!!!

Nikki x
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