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Hornby decoders & NCE powercab

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I have 5 locos fitted with Hornby decoders and I intend to buy an NCE Powercab controller.

Before I part with any cash can anyone confirm that the Hornby decoders will still function OK with the powercab.


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*** Yes, they will be fine.

*** The problems are 100% related to the earlier bachmann EZ command decoder and the first two (superceded) versions of the hornby decoder. Both thee decoders had/have significant problems.

Horny are now at version 4 and while still not a very good decoder, it is now more stable. Bachmann changed to an ESU designed decoder and this model is very good for its price.

Personally I still prefer to avoid decoders made by/for the train brands as they are not DCC experts and train branded DCC always has more problems than DCC specialist brands... As a viable better quality option in future, avoid dcc fitted loco's (perhaps other than sound fitted as both B and H use ESU which are good) and fit a quality decoder brand. TCS as mentioned above is a very good choice.


Doop - sorry

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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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