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Hornby Deutschland website goes live

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To all those missing the fairly recent European outline of ARNOLD, HEICO, JOUEF, LIMA, MKD und RIVAROSSI,

The Hornby International - Deutschland website is finally up (in German) and details what they are up to/are releasing this year etc. along with a few things that are already in the shops. There is a mix of items, some or most of which have been tarted up is some way when one reads their 'about us' statement.

For my own ammusement I decided to see how Google Translate chewed it up when translating into English. The only major problem turns out to be the names of exhibitions that they are attending, which looked confusing in English and I have corrected:

QUOTE ( marks give full steam! "Automatic controllers up and free travel" - thus reads the slogan of the HORNBY international group, which works on the German model course market again with the marks ARNOLD, HEICO, JOUEF, LIMA, MKD renowned internationally and RIVAROSSI with full energy. As basis to the 1.September 2006 the "HORNBY Germany GmbH" was created with seat in Coburg and the company HEICO MODEL into the existing firm concept was integrated. The mark HEICO is fundamentally restructured in the future for the accessory assortment of the Hornby group of international and again positioned.

All activities and actions of the marks ARNOLD, HEICO, JOUEF, LIMA, MKD relevant for the German market and RIVAROSSI are implemented in the future a team for marketing, selling and logistics, trained by the HORNBY Germany GmbH in Coburg of. All important ranges such as handling of order and distribution, spare part service (for current products) and treatment of repairs, Kundenservice with Hotline, novelty information and press service as well as all fair presentations are steered and served central from Coburg. Both the model railroadmen and the specialized trade will strongly profit from it. For all necessary information there is in the future only an approach place. Up to date deliverabilities, technical details and specifications as well as Infor mationen to development, production and selling are just as at the team of HORNBY Germany GmbH available as all erdenklichen information to the assortment, product novelties and special series.

Regular public presentations take place in the supraregional model course exhibitions in Dortmund (Intermodellbau), Leipzig (Modell-Hobby-Spiel) and in Munich and/or Cologne to the Internationalen Modellbahnausstellung. On these fairs the HORNBY Germany GmbH on a large exhibition booth with the marks ARNOLD, HEICO, JOUEF, LIMA, MKD presents itself and RIVAROSSI. All new models, which arrive now into the trade are thoroughly revised. Technical details like five-pin, schräggenutete [bevel grooved?] high speed engines with rotor, diode lighting and digital interface are just as natural as short clutch kinetics and standard pit with most [my emphasis] new models. But not only the "technical interior life" is on highest level, also the optical organization by lacquer finish and printing the Lokomotiv and car housings on is from best quality.

Look forward with us to each new model...

Their team of the HORNBY Germany GmbH

There are one or two things from Arnold that I missed first time round that interest me...but I can't say I like the use of the word 'most'...perhaps a 'vintage' model or two is set to creep into the re-product re-range?


P.S. I didn't mention 'Saint' once!
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It is an improvement compared to their previous web site.
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Thanks for the information Geodel - be interesting to see how it pans out in Germany.
I didn't think much of the "whistle" otherwise it looks a pretty good site.

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