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Looks like a useful development.

If they want to sell these decoders to people using non-Hornby systems - and I take it that they do- then clear instructions on the steps/workrounds to program them are invaluable. Traditional DCC word of mouth transmission of tips isn't enough for a mass market product

It will be interesting to see which other systems are added and how quickly (Anyone taking bets on when the instructions for the Prodigy Advance appear?)

Interesting that in the LH100 instructions talk about some decoders supporting "interrogation" and some not. Sounds as if they have already hastily amended the software to allow CV1 to be read in some fashion or other

This morning's releases do suggest Hornby are reacting to various issues thrown up by their DCC launch , and given that we are only 8 weeks from first launch, doing so fairly quickly
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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