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I have only just got around to reading this very good review.

This set seems remarkably good value for money, but see below. While it obviously won’t suit many (any?) of the hard-bitten digi-devotees on here (!), it seems very well suited indeed for its target market.

A couple of points on reviews in general

1. Although dated, I would prefer to see the date at the start, rather than at the end.
2. It can be helpful if reviews quote a standard high street shop price on the quoted date - for easy product comparisons by readers. Ideally, the price would be adjacent to the Title and Date. It just makes for easier comparisons if these are kept together.

A couple of specific points, both already mentioned in the discussion.

1. I'm glad it was spotted very quickly that the Hornby points are definitely NOT live-frog. I got quite excited (in a nice way!) when I read that they were! I mention it again only because this is such a fundamentally important point, yet the review itself remains in error. The review should be corrected soonest, to remove all possible misconceptions by readers who know no better. As it stands, non-expert readers will continue to be misinformed.

2. Non-isolating points
The discussion clearly identified that this principle has been used for donkeys years by Fleischmann. Fleischmann actually took it even further in that, at least in N-Gauge, their point blades, even double slips, are lightly spring loaded so that a train can safely traverse points that are set against it. The real downside of non-isolating points is the tremendous potential for train crashes, which digital does not remove. Of course, that is why so few people leave the clips in place, though it can certainly simplify wiring, as pointed out. In this case, as a rock bottom priced entry product, it was probably the right approach.
Even so, isolation remains a practical and advisable safety principle and at least the clips are easily removable.

Otherwise, this was an enjoyable and informative read, always bearing in mind that target market. If I were not already committed in various other directions, it could have tempted me to dip my foot in the digital waters.
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