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QUOTE (ashleyh @ 4 Nov 2006, 22:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It's my understanding that the DCC signal is piggybacked on to an AC output, so it just seemed odd that Hornby are using a DC transformer as input.
The AC from a power supply is a very different frequency to the AC used for the DCC signal. There is no correspondence between the two.

QUOTE Certainly my ZTC will only take an AC input, but I am aware of other systems that wil take either.
Your ZTC system, and almost anything else that takes low voltage AC, will almost certainly (99.9%) work just fine on DC. The only things that would not work are those that have an internal transformer (unlikely for a DCC system when you're using an external one) and require AC or those that require the AC as a source of timing pulses (again unlikely these days).

ALL command stations that take AC have an internal rectifier to give DC to power the electronics. This DC is then chopped up to form the DCC track signal.

It doesn't work the other way around, a command station that requires DC will not work on AC.

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