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Hornby Digital Mixed Goods Train Set

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Gary has produced a fine review of the Hornby Digital Mixed Goods Train Set.

These are probably the first images of Hornby's Digital Select system that are not pre-production mock-ups or computer generated graphic images. I'm looking forward to testing this myself in a few weeks.

Click here for the review
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It is interesting to note the changes Hornby have made to accommodate DCC, though I note the fitting of flanges to the centre drivers of the Jinty is not one of them

There is one point I think should be clarified - the point which comes with the set is not an electrofrog point. The point frog like a certain well known "Norwegian Blue" parrot is definitely dead. I have spent some time reviewing Allan Gartner's wiring for DCC page to see if I could find a more appropriate term and have discovered that it is not "power routing" either.

On reflection, I think the best description for these points once they have had those little spring clip thingies installed is "Non-isolating".

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>for the beginner seems to simplify things considerably!
Indeed! I spent several minutes wondering whether there were crossover configurations where a non-isolating point could produce a short but didn't think of any.

>Electrofrog points work differently to the non isolating points in that current must always be fed to the toe end of the point
That's because the two rails of the "non turnout direction" (I can't think of a better term) are both at the same polarity - i.e. they are shorted together. Allan Gartner's "wiring for DCC" website has plenty of detail on wiring electrofrog points and covers most of the main brands. You can find a link in the DCC - Links section of this forum.

>It solves the age old issue of requiring two seperate isolated controllers to control the inner and outer tracks on an oval that are linked with a pair of standard Hornby insulating points. This for me is a massive Hornby Digital selling point and I am suprised Hornby don't make more of this.

I agree. A short video demonstration showing how a few trains can travel over the same tracks through a station without masses of wires and switches would be powerful. I would think that even hardened DCC sceptics might think again when they realise the operational possibilities.

>I'm missing the point of this 'discovery', but I maybe glazed due to solving this with DCC quite a few years back?

That is the point. Not every one "gets" the DCC thing without a demo.

>The average UK modeller is not keen on wiring and avoids it.
whereas many layouts at exhibitions appear to have at least one member with a "wiring fetish" judging by some of the monstrous panels mounted at the rear of the layout.

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