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Sounds like a good plan for a display layout. I am pretty sure that you will be OK using a code 100 rail track system, like Peco streamline. All the Dublo I have bought has a wheel profile which works happily on code 100, and what two rail rolling stock I have, proved fine on Peco code 75, until the wheels were replaced with metal tyred sets. H-D in this as in so much else, were well ahead of the commercial competiton in using a relatively fine scale wheel standard.

Talking to a chap displaying a Hornby Dublo collection some years ago, he told me that he only used the H-D track at exhibitions, because people want to see the complete system. At home he used Peco streamline, which he fitted with a centre rail himself. This was simply for the larger curve and point radius, and the better running obtainable on modern track. Of course that's only possible if you don't want the look of the three rail track system, which does have a charm of is' own.

Regarding foam underlay, to the best of my knowledge it always perishes, sooner or later. The unpredictability is a particularly unwelcome aspect; it can last a long time, or only 4 or 5 years, probably somewhat dependent on environmental factors. Cork would be my choice.
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