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QUOTE (34C @ 11 Dec 2008, 10:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Talking to a chap displaying a Hornby Dublo collection some years ago, he told me that he only used the H-D track at exhibitions, because people want to see the complete system. At home he used Peco streamline, which he fitted with a centre rail himself. This was simply for the larger curve and point radius, and the better running obtainable on modern track. Of course that's only possible if you don't want the look of the three rail track system, which does have a charm of is' own.

Good advice from 34c.

Taking this a little further you could build the whole layout using code 100 track with an added third rail - with a little suitable switching you could then run all of the stock everywhere at different times.

I would also go for cork to raise the trackbed - I've also found that most foams (except maybe the denser ones) disintregate in time.
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