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I am not in general nostalgic for past RTR OO productions, and consider that what we have had over the last 20+ years tooled and manufactured in China using proven technique from HO, knocks almost all European manufactured RTR OO into a cocked hat.

But there is a notable exception. In my youth, the Hornby-Dublo 8F was the one 2-8-0 available in RTR OO, and both looked like the subject and performed extremely well. It was well out of reach of my parent's pocket while I was a kid, and I had to be content with seeing one run on a schoolboy friend's layout. Even now it can show the current Hornby 8F model 'how it is done' for traction: this has led me to put an H-D 8F body on the current Hornby mechanism, and 'Bingo!' my 'Hornby-Doubly' combination 8F looks good and pulls as it should.

That project has left me with an original and near unused H-D ringfield mechanism - it came very cheap as a non-runner, but proved to be only glued solid with long evaporated lube - which now freed from the 'glue' runs like a charm. And now the nostalgia, would I like to see a complete H-D 8F run again? Yes, but not with its two unflanged drivers with inconsistent ballast weights. Now, I know from the distant past that putting all flanged into this mechanism results in a 'won't go round a curve' model, so it is going to need some whittling of the chassis block, and most likely some hinged coupling rods too.

This next project has been waiting on a cheap H-D 8F which can be looted for its body and tender, flanged wheelsets and side rods if required: and one is now on its way to me. This should be fun...

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Hi 34C,

How strange, today I found the H-D 8F my father brought me for my 12th Birthday in 1966. I had change the tender and bogie wheels probably 40 years ago also with a replacement motor, I don't think the original was a ringfield though.
I installed a DCC decoder around 15 years ago, but it never ran well so it went into a box, only to be found today, and I thought I would have another go at getting it to run better.

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Hi Dave.

Your 8F originally had the Hornby Dublo “half inch” motor.

This is similar to the Tri-ang Railways X.04 open frame motor.

These locos were only made for a couple of years before the 8F was retooled to take the Ringfield motor, and the running number of the loco, and the catalogue number of the loco, and the goods train set the 8F was part of were also changed.

Our 48109 8F from the goods train set.



The motor magnet can be seen inside the cab…

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