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I am not in general nostalgic for past RTR OO productions, and consider that what we have had over the last 20+ years tooled and manufactured in China using proven technique from HO, knocks almost all European manufactured RTR OO into a cocked hat.

But there is a notable exception. In my youth, the Hornby-Dublo 8F was the one 2-8-0 available in RTR OO, and both looked like the subject and performed extremely well. It was well out of reach of my parent's pocket while I was a kid, and I had to be content with seeing one run on a schoolboy friend's layout. Even now it can show the current Hornby 8F model 'how it is done' for traction: this has led me to put an H-D 8F body on the current Hornby mechanism, and 'Bingo!' my 'Hornby-Doubly' combination 8F looks good and pulls as it should.

That project has left me with an original and near unused H-D ringfield mechanism - it came very cheap as a non-runner, but proved to be only glued solid with long evaporated lube - which now freed from the 'glue' runs like a charm. And now the nostalgia, would I like to see a complete H-D 8F run again? Yes, but not with its two unflanged drivers with inconsistent ballast weights. Now, I know from the distant past that putting all flanged into this mechanism results in a 'won't go round a curve' model, so it is going to need some whittling of the chassis block, and most likely some hinged coupling rods too.

This next project has been waiting on a cheap H-D 8F which can be looted for its body and tender, flanged wheelsets and side rods if required: and one is now on its way to me. This should be fun...
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