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I have a 3rail A4 dating from the early 1950s. It was secondhand when my parents gave it to me for Christmas 1957.
I am hoping that someone will have knowledge of the significance of the variants of paintwork detail that these models (and I presume?) the actual engine enjoyed through her years on the LNER.
I am asking this because I have been asked, having put this and many more of my childhood trainset items on eBay. Had I known about this website first I might have listed the items here as you are all, presumably, true and knowledgeable enthusiasts!
The questions are two. Nameplate corners round or square (answer square)? LNER stencil on tender red or black shadowed (black). I'd just love to know more about this locomotive that my long gone Dad gave me before it sells on. Also the tender wheels are maroon and I have a feeling he said that was significant (?).
If anyone is interested in viewing/purchasing any of these items the A4 link is at www. and 150141635918 is the number to put in search window and then you can also view sellers other items. GWR Bristol Castle and LMS 2-6-4 tank engine plus track and rolling stock available.
Thanks for any info you can offer.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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