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Hornby Dublo tank loco

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help and advise required here, i have a tatty Hornby Dublo 2 - 6 - 4 tank locomotive running No 80054, that i would like to refurbish, 1) it has the front buffers completly missing,(the beam is intack) are replacments available? 2) i would like to strip the paint work back and respray the body, does any body supply replacement transfers for this loco ?, & 3) this model is a 3 rail loco, is it possible to convert it to 2 rail ? any help or suggestions before i start would be appreciated.
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Dublo spares are available from Tony Cooper. Do a google search on "Tony Cooper Dublo" and his site appears in the result. He may or may not have the buffers that you want. You can pick up playworn examples of this loco on eBay for £15 or so for spares salavge.

Transfer sets are available however I don't know the source. I spotted them in a magazine just a few weeks ago but not one I own.

All Dublo 3 rail locos can be converted to 2 rail. You will need to change all the wheels so that the sets are isolated and install pick ups.

Happy modelling
The question I would ask is - is it really worth the effort? I feel certain you could buy a reasonable condition running two rail version for less than the refurbishment and repairs would cost.

Thanks for replies, i dont think the stud option is viable, and i take the point about converting to 2 rail, as being an expensive option, i would like to bring this loco back to its origional condition, but may just leave it as a three rail example, unless i can get some cheap wheels, have found a guy who can supply the buffers at £1.50 per pair, and a complete set of decals at £10.50,
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