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My railway is DCC controlled but at present I am running the turntable analogue, off a 12v DC supply using an old Hornby Speed Controller. The controller is set at about a third of full speed which means the turntable turns slowly, pausing at each exit. I have incorporated an on/off switch in the circuit so the controller does not have to be accessed each time the turntable is used.

I would have thought that operating off a full 12v DC supply would mean that the turntable will move unrealistically fast and also be noisier.

I would suggest that your turntable either has a fault/loose connection. If it is still under warranty return it to the dealer you purchased it from. You mentioned running it from a separate controller. Does it still have the same problem with your main controller?

This model is far from ideal but with a bit of weathering and burying in the baseboard it is not bad. I originally used the Peco model. More realistic , but frustrating as I could rarely stop it at exactly in line with the exit track.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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