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I have had confirmation that this program does work, well it will program decoders and operate points!!
So will post instructions here of what you need to do!

Rocrail is a free software program that you can use to operate points and program decoders etc.
I'm sure you could run the layout automatically when feedback systems are fitted.

Here's the link to rocrail, download it and install on your PC, once installed you will need to alter the rocrail.ini file.


When you have downloaded this and installed it, goto the C drive and find the Rocrail file.
open this file and scroll down the list until you find the rocrail.ini file see screen shot below which shows the file in with a red box around it.

Product Rectangle Operating system Font Screenshot

In this file you need to set the parameters to LENZ.

The following are the only things to change all other settings stay the same, once done save the file then exit and start up railroc.

First thing find out which com port your Elite is connected to, when you update the firmware, an application is downloaded which tells you which com port the Elite is connected to, use this.

Right, open the .ini file using notepad. There is a single command line as you scroll along it you will see these various settings which need to be changed:-

device="com1" Change this to the com port that the Elite is connected to on your PC eg "com2" or "com3"

digint iid="p50_1" change this to digint iid ="lenz"

lib="50" change to lib="lenz"

Blue Light Azure Product Rectangle

Save the file and then click on the loco picture which should start the application.
I've not tried this but others have and they do say it works, it may work for other systems as well.
On the rocrail web site it does list Digitrax and Lenz as working ok.

Have fun!


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