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OK, got my Hornby Elite the other day and have been having a play about!

Why the Hornby Elite?......

I wanted a Console type controller, I just prefer them against the Cabs don't know why just do.

The PowerCab is excellent and easy to use, but it's still a cab, also to get 3amps to the rails I would need the Powerbooster and another 3amp supply!

Anyway have installed the latest firmware with no problems at all, and then set about with the basics, tried to alter a few things on a little Bachmann kit loco, on the program track, this set one of my othe loco's off going a little mad!!

What I've done is used a siding that is connected to the layout with insulated joiners so it's completely isolated, then two feed wires come off this siding into a double pole switch.
Switch up, the track is connected to the main bus, switch down it's connected to the program track.
Why trying to program this little Bachmann loco caused another loco to go mad I don't know, unless having the main track connected at the same time as the program trackwas the problem?
I would expect the connections at the back of the Elite for program/main track would be isolated.
I've had an issue with this little Bachmann being left on the track before, not running just siting in a siding, I lost control of another loco.
The little Bachmann has a rake of capacitors in there and some electronics NOT the decoder, this may be the cause!.

I used one of my other locos with the ESU sound chip decoder in it, all worked perfect changed a few CV's on the program track, swapped the direction on the main, (after a few tries as it didnt work at first and then I lost complete control of the loco, had to reprogram the address on program track came good in the end with ALL the locos though)

Then I tried the SMD82 8 way switch machine driver.
Now this does have smart programming, which means connect it to the track bus hold the button down on the SMD82 and the red light flashes select the address number you want on the console and operate a throw command. The output address is now set! The red led then flashes twice for the next output.
Carry this out for each indiviual output. This worked perfect, all 8 outputs have addresses 1 to 8 and they work and throw the points.

I have two SMD82 so the next was connected to the program track and not 'on the main' I used the accessory direct programming mode on the Elite.
From the manual that comes with the SMD82 it gives a list of all the CV numbers, so CV1, which is output 1, I set at address 9
It then jumps to CV14 is output 2 I set this as address 10 and so on upto address 16
again I tried each address from 1 to 16 all switch perfect, press control knob on the Elite once switches one way press again switches the other, excellent.


With 1 SMD82 you can have 16 routes with 8 switches (points) in a route.
I have 2 SMD82 so I can have 16 switches(points) in a route.
The route addresses are completely seperate from the normally single point addresses.
You can program which point numbers you want to use and which way the switch will go in that particular route.
The route addresses start at 101t (route 1) 101c(route 2) etc
Now you can set up a CV value for route group 1-8 and then for route group 9-16 this would mean having to type in two address numbers.
101 throw 101close: 102t 102close: 103t 103close 104t 104close: these are the route addressess for routes 1 to 8
so for routes 9 to 16 you could use 105 throw upto 108 close.
Tried this and it all works fine.
I also wanted to set a route with just one number such as 101 throw this would operate route one, I also wanted to see if it would switch all 16 points, so I set both SMD82's to the same address, that is using 101throw, and yep all 16 points switched.

So there you have route switching which is quite easy to set up using the Elite and the SMD82.
Just need to read the SMD82 manual a few times to get your head around the CV values and adding them up to select switch positions and which switches are used.

Hope it helps, if you want me to try something, I will give it a go. Just be patient with me.

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