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Thanks Gary for an extremely speedy write up, did you take the day of work? I've still yet to find the time to do a write up on the Roco Multimaus, but my Easter holidays do start tomorrow night.

One thing springs to mind, can you be sure that the Elite is adding 1 to CV values when reading them, and not when writing them in the first place?

With regards to the track power, I would like to be 100% certain on this aspect, is it possible that you have a bulb or a voltmeter so that you could be certain there is no voltage once the STOP button is pressed.

At this stage things are looking fairly promising, apart from the above glitch. It is encouraging to see that 4 digit addressing has been implemented, but confusing to still see mention of 254 locomotives and 255 points within the same paragraph (on the Fact File page). Does this mean it can store the names of 254 locomotives, but still address 9999
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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