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· Ian Wigglesworth
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Are these the 'old' Hornby decoders or the new NMRA ones?

I've got some locos converted and any lights fitted work fine using the Elite.
I don't have any locos chipped with the Hornby chip that has lights fitted.

It may well be the decoder!

Which function number are you using to turn the lights on/off?

Try using different function numbers just in case!

· Ian Wigglesworth
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So we know all of the Hornby locos run ok together on the same track.

Try the Bachmann Class 20 with sound on it's own on the track, and try to operate all sound functions.

If this is ok, try one of the Hornby Locos on the track with the Class 20.

Make sure that when you operate the functions, that the correct control knob is activated!


Make control knob one operate the class20 and control knob two operate a different loco.
Turn control knob one again to make sure this is the active control knob, then try operating the functions.

QUOTE But if I put the Bachman Class 20 on the line, the sound functions operate never mind which controler is used ie: the class 20 is set with n°20 but if I select a function like the sound while N°3 is selected 5 (the tank loco) then the class 20 sound will stop or start dependind were it was set, also the class 20 will run, but none of the others
I don't quite understand this bit, it reads like you are operating the functions for the wrong control knob?

You can run any locomotive on the layout fitted with any decoder that is NMRA compliant.

· Ian Wigglesworth
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Yep the firmware will make a difference and cause problems with the sounds and functions!!!
It sounds(no pun intended) that you are on V1.1.
When you first switch the Elite on it will be displayed on the screen as V1.1

The current firmware is V1.3

In V1.1 if you operate a function on controller one it will indeed turn it on for controller two as well, likewise if you turn the function off!
This has been fixed in firmware V1.2

Some of the sound functions wouldn't work correctly as well IIRC.
Not sure if this is causing the problem.

You may also find that if the Hornby Locos have the old decoder fitted, these may not work with the latest firmware!!
You will need to go into the menu of the Elite and select 'CLASSIC' mode this does something to allow the Elite to work with these old decoders.
When you install firmware V1.3 the default setting is 'STANDARD' mode.
I would try and leave it on that first see if everything works ok, if not try using the 'CLASSIC' mode.

As for the loco not running, which Hornby decoder have you fitted, the new NMRA type or the old ones?
Did you remove the capacitors?

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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