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Hornby Elite reviews - anyone got one ?

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Well, I'm tempted but haven't read many opinions about the unit. It all seems fairly low key. No big announcement from Hornby, no reviews in the mags (surely they would have been the first to get review samples), not many postings about them.

Is this becasue everyone who's bought one is happy, or is everyone holding off (like me) to compare it with the forthcoming Bachmann Dynamis ?
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hi,ihave the elite had it from day one, converted from zero1 after 23yrs,i can really recomend it, i use it with hornby,lenz,backmanand nce,or is that nec? anyway it handles them all no probs, im 71 and thick as aplank,but even i can programe cvs with it.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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