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I have had my Elite for a couple of weeks. I had previously migrated from Zero 1 to the Select, so my DCC transition was well under way once the Elite arrived.
Key points for me are as follows:
- very easy to use
- great being able to add the names of trains
- 3 amps delivers noticeable improvement in performance of locos and lights are brighter
- still getting used to the knobly feel of the rotary controls - prefer the smooth ones of the Select
- menu systems with the buttons and knobs are excellent
- I only have Hornby Decoders and two different Bachmann types - no issues whatsoever
- Am having some issues when assigning locos to control 1 or 2 - often have to enter twice as the unit reverts to last one used, or controller 2 picks up the loco on Controller 1 and then you have one loco on both controls - seems to me to be a software bug, unless I am moving the knob too quickly
- does not connect to the Selects using straight RJ12 cable/plugs, but there is a solution posted on this site for that which I am exploring
- when sitting next my Zero 1 Master of 1980 which could amzingly control 16 locos, this unit is so small, button feel is really nice, and can do so much more
- have had 8 locos including 2 power hungry Heljans running at the same time - no issue
- Sum up, for around £100 I think it's a winner
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