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Hornby Elite reviews - anyone got one ?

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Well, I'm tempted but haven't read many opinions about the unit. It all seems fairly low key. No big announcement from Hornby, no reviews in the mags (surely they would have been the first to get review samples), not many postings about them.

Is this becasue everyone who's bought one is happy, or is everyone holding off (like me) to compare it with the forthcoming Bachmann Dynamis ?
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I have had my Elite for a couple of weeks. I had previously migrated from Zero 1 to the Select, so my DCC transition was well under way once the Elite arrived.
Key points for me are as follows:
- very easy to use
- great being able to add the names of trains
- 3 amps delivers noticeable improvement in performance of locos and lights are brighter
- still getting used to the knobly feel of the rotary controls - prefer the smooth ones of the Select
- menu systems with the buttons and knobs are excellent
- I only have Hornby Decoders and two different Bachmann types - no issues whatsoever
- Am having some issues when assigning locos to control 1 or 2 - often have to enter twice as the unit reverts to last one used, or controller 2 picks up the loco on Controller 1 and then you have one loco on both controls - seems to me to be a software bug, unless I am moving the knob too quickly
- does not connect to the Selects using straight RJ12 cable/plugs, but there is a solution posted on this site for that which I am exploring
- when sitting next my Zero 1 Master of 1980 which could amzingly control 16 locos, this unit is so small, button feel is really nice, and can do so much more
- have had 8 locos including 2 power hungry Heljans running at the same time - no issue
- Sum up, for around £100 I think it's a winner
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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