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QUOTE (dieselweasel @ 5 May 2007, 19:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Well, I'm tempted but haven't read many opinions about the unit. It all seems fairly low key. No big announcement from Hornby, no reviews in the mags (surely they would have been the first to get review samples), not many postings about them.

Is this becasue everyone who's bought one is happy, or is everyone holding off (like me) to compare it with the forthcoming Bachmann Dynamis ?

We have obtained one for the purposes of developing a software driver for it for our SSI software:

Immediate observations/comments:

- It is about A5 size in footprint - smaller than I thought it was
- It's like using the H&M 'Duette' of DCC
- Simple and easy to use
- Rotary throttles are continuous which I think is good and enables easy passover over locos from one throttle to another
- Works fine with ESU decoders
- Can't seem to get TCS decoders to work
- Doesn't have feedback
- Control seems to be good
- Direction indicator points the wrong way (Simon Kohler advises this will be fixed in an upcoming firmware update)
- Easy to follow displays

All round, I'd say it is a pretty good mid-rangeish system.

Graham Plowman
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