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Hornby Elite -- which Loco Decoders are best

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I have heard that although it is NMRA Compliant, the Hornby Elite has problems with some loco decoders

I am just changing to DCC and will be using the Elite. Should I only get Hornby Decoders or will other Decoders work

I am also looking for best value as well as I need to convert around 10 or 12 locos, so dont want to be spending more than is necessary also looking for the best prices as wil be buying 10 or 12 to start with

Do any of you have any experience and which Decoders would you recommend for the Elite and best value for money
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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 30 Nov 2008, 15:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>*** I have to ask... given that awareness, why would you still buy the Elite when there are better otions not so far away in price that will give better results?

The Elite has been bought for me as a present -- and to be honest I am quite happy to own one. I heard that the Elite was NMRA compliant whereas the Select is not and that the Elite does get some good reports/reviews

Also I had heard of problems with Hornby DCC Controllers (not sure if only the Select that has the problems) hence asking about which loco decoders would be best.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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