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Hornby Elite

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I recently threw in the towel in trying to fathom the logic (?) of the Fleischmann Twin Centre and replaced it with a Hornby Elite, oh joy of joys!

All my locomotives are N gauge Fleischmann or Trix and everything works a treat except I cannot get the loco lights to switch on although now and again they come on for a few seconds when the loco first sets off.

All other functions are OK and I can alter acceleration rates etc. at will, anyone any suggestions?

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Make sure that the speed steps are set the same - AFAIR FLM decoders are default set (as is the TC) to 27 speed steps.

The TC does take some "getting head round", but once mastered (I have "talked through" it quite a few times on the phone to other people) it is an excellent piece of kit, albeit limited to 8 functions + f0.

I would advise you not to get rid of it - the Elite will probably drive you made trying to use the functions !
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