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EMUS that would sell well

313/314/315/507/508 Think of all the liveries! also 3 Car EMU more cost effective and saleable than 4 car one.

317/318/455 and possibly 150/2. Lots of liveries again. Problem of cost of 4 car mu and also rebuilds of 455s mean they look quite different. Only advantage is that bodyshell could enable a 150/2 2 car diesel sprinter too

I would go with the 313 even though the units are a bit long in the tooth now.

Forget a Southern EMU. The market is too fragmented and people north of the Thames won't shell out the hard earned on a 4 car EMU on a spontaneous buy just because it looks good (unlike a King Arthur or Rebuilt West Country or M7!)

1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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