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QUOTE (cig1705 @ 27 Dec 2005, 21:30)So, Hornby say they've postponed the EMU, according to some. Others say they're making a Pendolino. Wot do ya reely wont?

I think they shouldn't tool up a Pendolino, for a number of reasons:

1. Only one livery so far

2. Dapol have done it to a reasonable (Though not on a par with the latest Hornby/Bachmann models) standard

3. If it were, say, the Virgin Voyager, I could put up with that- it has a wide geographical area. But this is limited to WCML (and Holyhead behind a Cl. 57/3) ops. Yet, Hornby have dropped the idea of a Southern EMU becaise they are geographically restricted!


I disagree and think they should tool up the pendolino. I think it would sell well for Hornby in the catalogues and toy stores. The kids all like high speed train packs (eg Eurostar, HST).

I don't know much about the Dapol model. Did it sell well? I think they released a further small batch not long ago, but were sold out in no time
I think Dapol are concentrating more on N gauge in 2006, so further production runs might be very limited.

As for being 'limited to the WCML', that maybe so, but this train travels Glasgow-Euston which is a heck of a long way. All those counties to pass through; I think its geographical area is just fine, plus there's the added bonus of those fancy Virgin adverts on telly.

Go on Hornby, do it, you know it makes sense
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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