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Yes please!!!!!!!

But as well as the additional coaches to get it up to say a ten coach train (e.g. M1, R1, R2, R6, R9, R10, R13, R17, R18, M2) the model also needs a major upgrade even just to match the standards set by the Pendolino.

OO gauge scale articulated bogies and corridor connections (I believe the existing ones were incorrectly scaled at HO to rush the model out - lack of headroom height!).
A better method of joining the articulated coaches.
A better (more powerful) motor.
Better pantographs.
Working lights.

Incidentally the model as it stands didn't get a terribly good review in the 2008 'Model Rail RTR' Directory, in particular it was critisised for being rather 'toy like'.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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