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QUOTE (Dennis David @ 6 Dec 2005, 18:09)I don't know how I can put this any other way but it's the plastic bodies that most turn me off to this brand of trains. Die-cast cost more but I just feel that this would never happen on one of my models.

I have a question for you Dennis, or anybody else. I'm simply asking this out of pure naivety on my behalf.

Regarding injection moulded plastic bodies v diecast metal bodies. I was always under the impression that modern injection moulding processes could deliver a body of extremely high detail and surface finish, as opposed to metallic diecasting.

I fully understand that metal bodies are far more durable, but how detailed are they? As I said I am being naive as I don't own or ever seen OO/HO diecast

I owned some Graham Farish diecast bodied class 08 and 20's, and was appalled by the lack of detail and surface finish. (I know that could be just down to manufacturer in general) The plastic bodied products were far superior.

Just interested in the visual differences thats all.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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