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Hornby Fowler 2-6-4T

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Here is my 'Limosine Cab' Fowler 2-6-4T. I acquired a s/h loco to use as a basis and the modifications were all done with plasticard & filler plus a new chimney I had in my bits box.

It's a pity Hornby haven't done this version themselves. View attachment 513
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Very nice , i bought a very badly done example of this from a while back and ive bought a replacement body with the view of converting it with the comet kit .
QUOTE (Saint Johnstoun @ 15 Jul 2008, 16:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Here is my 'Limosine Cab' Fowler 2-6-4T. It's a pity Hornby haven't done this version themselves. View attachment 513
Like it! Must've missed this post first time round in July. Hadn't noticed before that the front end and valve gear is slightly reminiscent of the crab (give or take..!)
Great to be able to trace the development of 2-6-4T with r-t-rs from Fowler to Stanier to Fairburn to Riddles' standard.
Yes - I've a whole fleet of tankies hammering to and fro into my terminus station with suburban trains. Its nice to be able to have all the Fowler to BR 2-6-4 variants but I also have a fleet of V3s and even some N2s, the latter with condensing gear removed and one with a tall chimney added.

All I need now is some decent suburban LMS coaches to add to the variety.
QUOTE (Saint Johnstoun @ 28 Dec 2008, 12:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>All I need now is some decent suburban LMS coaches to add to the variety.

You hoping for RTR? You may wait a while I think. Are you up for building some? If so I can advise you and get kits made up (brass etched) for almost any of the PI, PII, or PIII LMS suburbans. I have a few plastic ones (Airfix) painted in the full 1928 lined livery for sale, and a very nice PIII P/P hand built in brass also for sale. pm me.

Alistair Wright
'5522' Models
That'd be one of your V3's lurking in the background then? Also looks very nice.
Yes, the Fowler is unusually leaving from Platform 1 with a local train. Normally the local trains use platform three where you see the V3. The train arrives from the hidden storage sidings behind one loco and there is a headshunt to this platform which can store up to three locos. The first loco in the headshunt takes the train away and the released loco goes into the headshunt to take out the next train when it arrives. Meanwhile in the hidden storage sidings another loco has been released and it also goes to a suitable storage road in the fiddle yard.

Local trains shuttle to and fro all day hauled by the LMS 2-6-4 tanks of all types, the V3 and N2 tanks, and there is the occasional appearance of an Ivatt 2-6-0, 2-6-2T etc. There are four rakes of coaches which arrive and depart in turn except for the morning and evening rush when two can be in the Station at the same time.
Busy times, mate - must be an awesome sight in full timetable mode - when do you find time for a pint of heavy? Great fleet of tanks!
Got a C16 in there somewhere too, I suppose, I like the look of those Reid 4-4-2 tanks.
Is it based on operations at Waverley?
I do have both C15 and C16 tanks and four 419 class ex Caley 0-4-4 tanks - these are currently OOU awaiting refurbishment as they haven't been used since my move back to Perth in 2004.

I've yet to decide exactly where my fictional Terminus is -somewhere in Scotland in the 1950s? It is due to be moved to the other side of the attic when I extend the layout early in 2009 and will in fact become a through station.y

Don't panic - I have a supply of Belhaven handy!
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