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QUOTE (darobi @ 2 Jan 2008, 13:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Lest hope you have got all the coaches for a full set. They have only mentioned the Grand Central ones as separate releases. Nothing so far on the Executive or original livery and the GNER ones where out over the last 2 years or so.

Maybe Doug or Gary can enlighten us on that aspect but I can't remember seeing any info on extra coaches for the other packs.

Feel a bit guilty for starting this thread as a guest some time back on the wrong part of the site (sorry!), but I guess the volume of follow-ups vindicate Hornby's decision to go with a new super-detailed model of the Cl43 HST power cars, AND the lima version in the railroad range (spares for old sets for some time to come!). Thankfully Hornby are producing a full set of GNER coaches, and re-releasing the Intercity ones. The ***-packet TGS hopefully points to a full HST set in due course, and no doubt the other gaps in liveries on power cars and coaches will follow through limited editions and future catalogues.,59,HIN.html

Things were looking a bit bleak for HST modelling, but the proposed new models, including all the variations they are proposing to model have turned all that around for me - really good news! I guess the lesson is, the manufacturers can't do everything at once, and are already supporting substantial ranges. Patience has paid off this time.

On quality issues, yes, ok, I've had the odd loco with glitches out of the box, but having bought many examples of Classes 60, 66, 57 and 37, 99% have run perfectly.

Better continue the thread under the right heading though...
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