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QUOTE (Gary @ 13 Jun 2005, 19:41)"Heritage Railway" magazine have published a review of the brand new Hornby Grange on their website. You will need Apple's Quicktime to view the video. The online review itself is short and sweet and draws a conclusion (quoted below) that most vicars would be proud of! The magazine review may well be longer to be fair but then you don't get a video. The video is interesting and should encourage a few wanabee modellers to take the plunge. Its worth a sneek peek.
Those GWR fans who find it impossible to pray and use a computer at the same time should give priority to the second course of action on this occasion!

Heritage Railway magazine Hornby Grange review

Now for those who have watched the video did you find it useful or not? :question

Would you rush out and buy a Hornby Grange on the back of video evidence only?

Or are you a see it before you buy it type of person?

Happy modelling
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