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Interesting. I have one car that persists in derailing and have regulated this car to siding. I will investigate the trucks and see what if . I may go so far as to replace the bolster as I don't like this toy train method of attching the trucks.


QUOTE (Colombo @ 24 Jun 2006, 05:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>When these fine looking carriages first appeared, like many other people, I went out and bought a couple, and very nice they are too. The only problem was that they kept derailing when being shunted through my hand built slip points. If it was not for that the fact that nothing else ever derails (well - hardly ever), I would blame the track. There was a lot of discussion about this problem at the time and several solutions were proposed.

I tried fitting the full rake of six Ian Kirk kitbuilt Gresleys, and the two Hornbys with Kadee couplings, the running improved a great deal but still these two persisted in derailing. Naturally I had reset the wheel's back to back and even tried fitting Romford wheels. Nothing worked and the two nice new Hornby carriages were relegated to the end of a carriage siding, which was a great waste of space as well as money.
Today I had another look at them and noticed that clearance between the top of the bogie frames and the bottom of the sole bars was very shallow compared with my other stock, could that be the problem?. Were they catching as they rattled through my points? I carefully prized off the bogies with an instrument screwdriver and fitted two home made plastic washers over the mounting pegs. These washers are made out of 0.5mm plasticard sheet with a 5mm hole drilled in them and cut round in a rough circle about 15mm diameter. You could use any thin washers that fitted.

This has done the trick and now I have no problem with derailing. The carriages ride a scale 1.5" higher, but next to my Ian Kirk carriages this is not at all noticeable.

If you are still having problems, I suggest that you try this cure. Please let us know if it works.

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