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Hornby HST /DCC Sound

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I am relatively new to DCC and I have just started to run my Hornby HST limited edition (40 Year anniversary) and the sound doesnt appear to be very good. I am guessing it must be their TTS Sound?

Can anybody recommend the best sound to replicate 1980's HST

Many thanks and Best Wishes,
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If you want decent sound, be prepared to pay over a hundred quid for a decoder, sound file and decent speaker. I prefer Zimo sound decoders but a lot like ESU as well.
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Sound has two major components - quality of speakers and quality of the sound files on the decoder.

If wanting a HST, I'd talk to DC-Kits and ask what Legomanbiffo offers. Discuss speakers as well as decoders. Decoder alone is going to be £120 (give or take), and arguably you need two (one for each power car - again discuss this with supplier, they can do pairs which work together). Speakers will depend what can fit, and how much modification you're willing to do to make a good and large speaker fit.
...Can anybody recommend the best sound to replicate 1980's HST...
With all respect to the suggestions above, are you sure you really want this? It was an appalling racket, with some very unpleasant high frequency effects. If relatively accurately reproduced, unless you actively enjoy aural torment, I feel it will be turned off quite rapidly.
I've always liked ESU and Zimo for sound quality, and their speakers are adequate to reproduce the sound files.

Some decoders I've bought came with speakers, but if I have the room, I will always replace an included speaker with the largest I can fit in the chassis.
Gents many thanks for your suggestions which are really useful thank you, love the noise ... dont we all miss the Valenta powered HST's ....
... dont we all miss the Valenta powered HST's ....
They were OK for travelling in; but then the class91+ mk4 sets appeared and kicked them into the dust in all respects; so that's where my later BR designed express passenger train affections will ever reside.
Never had the privilege of enjoying a ride in the MK4 sets. I presume they have all been withdrawn? Shame I would have enjoyed that.
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