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Hornby International - New Website Launched

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Hornby International have launched their new website and it is complete with images of forthcoming releases for French, German, Italian and USA modellers including the ranges of Rivarossi, Jouef, Lima.

Many of the new range of locomotives will now feature NEM couplings and sprung buffers, as well as being pre-fitted with a socket for a DCC decoder.

The new website can be visited at:-

Jouef collectors and French modellers will be especially excited as it is almost 12 years since the brand last offered "proper models" in France and its relaunch is eagerly anticipated. Jouef are to the French what Hornby are to the British.

Could any of you imagine having to go 12 years without your Hornby?

Thats what it feels like for French modellers and only secondhand Jouef examples are currently available on the shelves of French model shops.

Happy modelling
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The first item on the news page is dated 12 June 2007.

Are Hornby making predictions, trying to sway the market....?
Hornby International have a new French employee called Nostradamus.

It will be of interest to see what news appears in the next few days on the Hornby site about British models for 2007!

Blue Hornby pullman?

Rebuilt West Country/Battle of Britain?

Hornby to produce limited edition models of prototype class 60 commemorative locos of "Sir David Beckham" and "Sir Michael Vaughan" that have been liveried to celebrate the Ashes cricket series England victory and the England football team World Cup victory?

Happy modelling
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This is good news for continental model fans and continental modellers.

They have been waiting patiently for over half a decade to see the outcome of their favourite models. Like Hornby is synonymous with British trains, so Jouef is with French trains and Lima with Italian trains.

The French are as particular as the British and as there are LNER, LMS, GWR and SR fans etc, in France you have the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western fans with people devoted to their local historical railways and lines.
I like the Nostradamus idea................does he listen to ideas from casual forum posters ?
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