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QUOTE (dwb @ 2 May 2008, 17:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I think the product pictures are too small. They don't inspire that "Wish I had that" feeling. We are keen to get our hands on last year's record breaking TGV, so we will be keeping our eyes peeled during this summer's vacation in eastern France.

I agree the website is a major improvement on the last one but the pictures really are ridiculously small. Perhaps they will be adding larger ones later - I noticed this with the new Roco website unveiled last month which at first had small and grainy pictures but now you can click and get a huge picture, much larger than on the old site which is great.

Regarding the actual models, looking at those available under the Arnold brand it feels to me a bit like how it might feel for a Buddist just after they've died and the many possible reincarnations flash before them. Something other than just old models re-released would help dispell the smell of carrion...

...that aside, a Koef III with decoder slot and flywheel is always a good idea, even if it's been released five times before! (And a near infinite number of liveries.) Interesting to note that the stuff that has reappeared so far is German, Swiss and Spanish. Spanish N scale has recently raised its status considerably and has been lobbying for new models as there are new models from Roco and Hobbytrain on the way/already arrived. I wonder which countries' moulds will be dusted down next...

Interestingly the Arnold prices are curiously high in my opinion for models that are not that new - how long they can market 'yesterday' at a premium when Minitrix, Fleischmann, Hobbytrain etc. are releasing plenty of new designs is questionable. Roco's re-releases this year have been very well priced and their modern coaches with close coupling are simply fantastic - people might grumble at EUR 30 but certainly not at EUR 17,50! Where can Arnold fit into this in the long term?
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