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Hornby J83

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Does anybody know if a replacement chassis kit is/was available for this loco?

I have an issue with the presence of traction tyres on the centre drivers......if the chassis IS about spot-on as is, are there any ideas about replacing the centre drivers with ordinary drivers without tyres?

Have there been any articles, etc on improving the Hornby J83?
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The Mainly Trains detailing set is very good as well it makes up into a nice model tho you do need to re make the splashers for the front axel but thats worth doing..

A bit late with the reply, I don't know how I missed it, but anyway, I've got a J83 with traction tyres and have just e/mailed modelspares in Burnley about a set of drivers. If you look at their site and go to page 5 of steam engine spares, you'll see them listed. I'm also about to start turning up a better fitting set of axle bearings for it (and another couple of Loco's) out of ptfe rod, as the axle hole seems really sloppy. I'll try and remember to let you know how it goes.
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