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Another Hornby King Arthur is in stock at Rails of Sheffield

This is the R2623 version that was supposed to be number 30755 'The Red Knight' - most famous of the original 'Urie' Arthurs after it was fitted with a LeMaitre blastpipe and double chimney, along with Bulleid cylinders. According to Bradley, it was so transformed that Nine Elms shedmaster did everything he could to first obtain it, and then keep it. Bradley states that it was capable of being used on what would normally be a "Lord Nelson" duty.

Unfortunately Hornby had to revise the model to portray 30737 'King Uther' because they forgot that the Red Knight and one other of the 5 double chimney fitted examples (can't remember which, but I think it might have been 'Linette'), was fitted with vertical smoke deflectors instead of the standard 'cranked inward' version.

For those interested in the Authurian Legend, Uther was the father of Arthur. Hopefully Rails have my order on the way to me, though I doubt it will be in time to sit under the tree
After it arrives I'll have to post a picture of Arthur parked alongside Uther getting some fatherly advice!

For anyone who already has one or more of the KA models and wants something that looks a little different, this one is worth a look. It is the first 'Urie' version released in BR livery, and besides the different chimney has diffent safety valves and steampipes along with the shorter cab already seen on the original "King Arthur" release

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