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Hornby have updated their website and they now include images of the new Live Steam Class A3 Flying Scotsman in the LNER apple green livery and Class A3 Papyrus in the BR green livery. According to Hornby's Simon Kohler, Hornby have developed a completely new body for the Live Steam Class A3 model that is designed to fit around the Live Steam running gear. This breakthrough in design opens up the possibilities of an expansion of the Live Steam range going forward with European and American markets in mind. Hornby Live Steam Flying Scotsman sets have recently appeared on the shelves at Hornby stockists. For those who already own Hornby Live Steam controllers and accessories, the stand alone Flying Scotsman locomotive should be available in November, with Papyrus following on in December.

There is a wealth of experience at Model Rail Forum in the operation of Hornby Live Steam with a number of the members operating the Live Steam Class A4 locomotives for a year or more.

If any of you have any questions or thoughts on Hornby Live Steam then you are invited to contribute to the Live Steam section at Model Rail Forum.

The sounds and smells of Live Steam, the chuffing, the hissing and the hot oil and steam, and the fact that you do have to learn to "drive" the loco, all make for a rewarding experience. The release of "Flying Scotsman" will generate new interest in Live Steam among modellers who prefer to operate locomotives of a classic design and not those with streamlined bodies.

Happy modelling
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