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Hornby loco, Bachmann coaches

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are they able to couple together? do they have same kind of couples? I do not have any coach now.

Thank you,
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Hi Dennis,

they should couple together without any problems. you may find that if one has the older large coupling and the other with a small you may have problems on tight curves but this is not a common thing.

QUOTE (ms06s_char @ 28 Jul 2007, 17:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>are they able to couple together? do they have same kind of couples? I do not have any coach now.
All British ready to run stock is fitted with tension lock couplings so are compatible

Differences do occur between manufacturers and within manufacturers own ranges with regard to the size of the loop and the length of the hook, which can pose problems when a long hook meets a small loop, or where a small hook meets a thick loop

Usually these can be overcome by swopping couplings around. On a former OO layout I had a card system for the wagons and on each card I placed coloured dots to indicate the coupling sizes so as to add to the shunting neccessary to ensure a train ran without difficulty
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The heights on the coupling vary I find some problems coupling a Heljan loco to Bachmann coaches but nothing that cant be solved.
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I agree that couplings can cause concern when joining locomotives and coaches.
Heljan locomotives have proved in certain circumstances a nightmare to couple other makes of coaches (especially Hornby older type coaches).
Heljan 27 and 33s locomotives, fitted are a three ring chain that becomes intangled into the coupling and bogy - causes locomotive to derail at curved rail and points. If you decide to remove this chain type decal, will no doubt be counted as "deface".
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