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Would there be any chance of getting old decoders (that don't work on a normal DCC layout) exchanged for new ones?

I've merged the two topics so that we don't loose any useful comment. I deleted a couple of posts that talk of the two topics and are thus redundant.

Just a word about news: Thanks to all those who post news - just remember that anything posted in the news section is vetted before it is published. A news post should be model railway industry news and read like a news story. The News post is published automatically on the portal and to the RSS feed. Other sites read our news feed and you have to imagine someone reading the news from this site by itself when you write the story.

Please continue to post news - those who do - imagine you are writing a news story for a tabloid or magazine - put a title, a header paragraph and some text. Leading images are too important. A good 500 x 320 image shows up well on the portal and RSS feed.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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