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It's amazing what a kick in the wallet(profits) can do.

QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 14 May 2008, 17:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>***As long as you are happy with it then thats just fine... Although I must admit that I really don't consider the TCS decoders as expensive. I'd have to say I've fitted very, very many N scale loco's and the M1 often gives a much better final result, as best running for N scale (especially British N scale) can be hard to achieve and really does need help very often.

I should add too that as I've lobbied strongly and worked on the whole compliance with DCC standards thing without letup for a couple of years now, I'm really very, very pleased to see Hornby go from publicly denying and considering the NMRA standards irrelevant to realising their importance and embracing them, and I sincerely hope that this very positive trend continues, as it'll be good for the hobby as a whole to remove the problems of the incompatibility of their earlier efforts...

It'll be nice to see Hornby continue to evolve positively with their DCC efforts.

Kind regards

1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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