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Hornby Locomotive Decoder Gains NMRA Warrant

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I was browsing the NMRA website and found the Hornby R8215 decoder has been added to the top of the list.
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It's amazing what a kick in the wallet(profits) can do.

QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 14 May 2008, 17:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>***As long as you are happy with it then thats just fine... Although I must admit that I really don't consider the TCS decoders as expensive. I'd have to say I've fitted very, very many N scale loco's and the M1 often gives a much better final result, as best running for N scale (especially British N scale) can be hard to achieve and really does need help very often.

I should add too that as I've lobbied strongly and worked on the whole compliance with DCC standards thing without letup for a couple of years now, I'm really very, very pleased to see Hornby go from publicly denying and considering the NMRA standards irrelevant to realising their importance and embracing them, and I sincerely hope that this very positive trend continues, as it'll be good for the hobby as a whole to remove the problems of the incompatibility of their earlier efforts...

It'll be nice to see Hornby continue to evolve positively with their DCC efforts.

Kind regards

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QUOTE (Martin71 @ 14 May 2008, 10:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I just dug out my old Hornby decoder Tech sheet and it is exactly the same. Maybe the have not got around to revising it yet?

This must be the case, as there is no way it could pass the Conformance Test without having all the Mandatory CVs included. The Hornby document shown on the weblink does not list CVs 7 & 8, which are the Manufacturer and Version numbers, and both are Mandatory according to the NMRA documents.
The date on the top of the online spec. sheet gives it away. 30/4/07. The sheet that comes with the red dot decoder is identical to the online one apart from a small sticker at the top with different numbers.
QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 15 May 2008, 10:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>....(apart from factory fitted sound), as a DCC'er I do not want to buy a locomotive fitted with a decoder chosen by a bean counter.
That's assuming that pre-fitted decoders will always be budget models, as we've seen so far from Hornby and Bachmann.
If they pre-fitted the equivellent of a Lenz Gold, would that change your mind?

If the Hornby Sapphire decoder turns out to be a good 'un, I'd like to see Hornby fitting that into their better detailed locos, instead of the awful basic model.
Who knows, it may spur the competition to follow suit with a better quality decoder.
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QUOTE (Oakydoke @ 23 Jun 2008, 10:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If they pre-fitted the equivellent of a Lenz Gold, would that change your mind?
Possibly, but I (like, I suspect quite a number of other people) would still like to be able to fit my choice of decoder - & also it should be very easy to do so.
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