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Hornby are knocking out shed loads of rolling stock at the moment - a lot of it being from the toolings aquired from their purchase of Lima.
The choice is great but Hornby are definately skimping on attention to detail. It seems nearly every model has a livery error or some silly mistake which could have been sorted before production had they done their homework properly. It might seem like 'nit-picking' to some but if you are going to produce something and replicate it many times you'd think they would at least try to get it right, surely!?
To get details correct on my rolling stock and layout, I simply look at the many quality pictures on the internet or in magazines and even actually look at the real thing if it is current. If I can do it I'm sure Hornby can too!
And that goes for all manufacturers.
I think most of us can forgive a rivet missing here and there (or maybe some of you can't?!).
But basic 'bread and butter' detail and livery should be looked at and checked before production begins.
Come on Hornby 'Put The Detail Back' - and your quality control - and stop making so many silly mistakes while you are rushing out all these models.
Quantity at the expense of quality is not good. If our models are going to have 'detail' then it should at least be researched properly and be correct.
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on a more constructive note. i wish they would put pictures of a final approval model in the public domain and actually invite comments say 20 days before production so if there any daft mistakes they can be sorted.
The grill on the 67 would have been spotted instantly on a close up shot and people would have complained like crazy!

I remember when they published a picture of the loco. there was a part of the valve gear that looked wrong. i sent a letter to MRE mag and it was published. i provided references to photographs in my letter to reinforce my views and low and behold when the final model came out it was corrected (it could also have been a coincidence! but i like to think it was down to me!!)

it would also be good if they could publish more comparison shots. to this day i have only seen 1 direct comparison picture of a model and the real thing. this was the heljan western. in model rail there was 2 pictures 1 of the model and 1 of the real thing. it showed very clearly the differences in the top of the cab area.

this would be a double edged sword though. it would highlight a wonderfull model but it would also highlight any deficiencies.

I remember there was an issue with the M7 lining. simon kohler said on MRE mag that they had a pic showing the lining exactly how it was on the model.
So no problem. but where is the photo? there is no problem with copyright. they dont have to provide the picture just a reference to it.

I think modellers could be far more constructive in the whole manufacturing process. i think its getting better with dennis lovett and simon kohler using MRE mag as a dialouge. i note that this forum was started with nothing less than a slur on hornby. but did you make any sugesstions. no you just gave them a kicking!
That makes me far more angry than a little vent missing on a model.

And in all honesty they are not major issues (apart from the 59!) if you cant paint seats that you can hardly see or change a coach number or put on a transfer for the horn grill then quite frankly i think you should safely locked in a padded cell. you are a danger to the general public.

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i note once again the total lack of anything constructive in your post.

you seem to advocate that lima got things right. could i point out that they NEVER produced a single EWS loco that was the right colour. they didnt even bother to paint parts of their models!

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