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Hornby are knocking out shed loads of rolling stock at the moment - a lot of it being from the toolings aquired from their purchase of Lima.
The choice is great but Hornby are definately skimping on attention to detail. It seems nearly every model has a livery error or some silly mistake which could have been sorted before production had they done their homework properly. It might seem like 'nit-picking' to some but if you are going to produce something and replicate it many times you'd think they would at least try to get it right, surely!?
To get details correct on my rolling stock and layout, I simply look at the many quality pictures on the internet or in magazines and even actually look at the real thing if it is current. If I can do it I'm sure Hornby can too!
And that goes for all manufacturers.
I think most of us can forgive a rivet missing here and there (or maybe some of you can't?!).
But basic 'bread and butter' detail and livery should be looked at and checked before production begins.
Come on Hornby 'Put The Detail Back' - and your quality control - and stop making so many silly mistakes while you are rushing out all these models.
Quantity at the expense of quality is not good. If our models are going to have 'detail' then it should at least be researched properly and be correct.
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Yes they should get things right but hornby did say that they would only be producing these quickly so as to get some return on the lima deal. They were always going to be a Hornby Basic range until they could find time in the production to fully update them.

I am pretty sure that on the detail side of things Hornby have used pictures and most probably 1:1 stock and it just happens that on these examples this is how they looked.

It was the same with the Bachmann Limpet in Dutch livery with the intercity logo that wasn't believed to be true until they released the picture of the wagon with the logo on it.

Ok, some mistakes are made but they are only human after all and they can make mistakes.

Its This kind of criticism that takes the biscuit. We have superb quality r-t-r stock and some people still have the nerve to complain when some little bits of detail are missed off a model, that has been produced for years by another company, and the blame is still tagged on to Hornby even though Lima made the moulds wrong in the first place.

Sorry for the outburst but it is now off my chest.

Its NOT a personal attack on you Keith. Just the straw that broke the camels back so to say.

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